Panama Vessel Registration


The registration of ships in Panama has become important in recent years, the central location of Panama has led to international trade and that is not only on this times, that was seen in America since 1606 when it was the exchange between Spain and Peru.

Panama connects the East with the West and America.

Currently on the registration of ships and the organization of our country regarding this issue is very well regarded internationally, and is taken into account by many countries in the world and is increasingly growing.

Today Panama has not the impediments they had in previous years is that they have created favorable laws to keep a record type open.

In our country there have been boats both Panamanians and foreigners, the important thing is to stick with the established requirements.

And is that many years with the Ship registration in Panama are over 70 years and gained reputation and confidence due to its good performance is a very well known throughout the world.

About Requirements

In order to have the provisional patent of navigation for boats no higher than the 5000 net ton is needed:

  • Name of the owner of the ship
  • previous records, if any
  • In which country and when it was built
  • What company built the ship
  • Set the number of decks
  • Set the number of chimneys
  • Set the number of bridges and masts
  • Indicate the type of ship
  • What material is the hull
  • Net and gross tonnage
  • What type of business has the ship
  • How many machines are and what type and who built them
  • Type and number of cylinders
  • Speed
  • Horsepower
  • Who is responsible for radio accounts
  • Classification society
  • Spot, sleeve and length
  • Calibration certificate

You need to attach the following documents for registration of a ship.

  • Power of attorney, we as lawyers will take care of writing it.
  • The title of Ownership of the vessel, information on who built it and all related documentation if there have been sales.
  • Certification that has been canceled the previous record, if applicable.
  • International Tonnage Certificate, but this does not include new ships.
  • If it’s look tankers must show certification of liability
    Also, any mortgage on the ship can be registered.

Different record types

The department provides registration of ships 3 different types of entries:

A navigation officer license issued to vessels registered in Panama.

Licensed under the terms of a contract of affreightment.

Panama yacht registration would have a special register.

On Contracts for Charter

Panama is accepted in the registration of contracts of affreightment, as long as the ship is chartered for 2 years and not lose their nationality, and also vice versa from our country to others. This is noted in a special register.

Register of Mortgages

They are held in the Public Registry of Panama and is handled by Panamanian lawyers this type of mortgage is very important and are used as credit in international banks.