Panama tourist visa

Panama Tourist Visa – Requirements – Procedure

The Panama Tourist Visa can be requested by abroad through a Panamanian Lawyer or Panama Law Firm.

As a law firm with more than fifteen years of experience in immigration law we remain updated with the latest decrees that have come out. We have processed thousands of tourist visas from people around the world.

The Government of Panama issues a tourist visa so that the foreigner can stay in the country for a period not exceeding three months.

The tourist visa is issued for that occasional visitor who for recreation, tourism, family visit, etc., wishes to enter the country. It is a visit for a short time.

This article is dedicated to all foreigners in those countries wishing to enter Panama for tourism. Our work as a lawyers is to support you in the whole process of obtaining this visa.

Panama Tourist Visa Processing Time

The time taken by the approval of this visa since the requirements are presented:  1 to 2 months.

Extension of tourist visa.

Once the foreigner is in Panama, if you decide to stay longer you can do so by an extension.

Panama Tourist Visa Requirements

Among the requirements are the following:

  • The power of attorney (we send it to your email and you should print it on legal paper 8 ½ x 13, then you must apostille it with the Hague Apostille and then send it along with the other requirements to our office.
  • Form (we send you the form that you must complete and send it back along with the other requirements).
  • Original passport and full copy of the passport (the passport must have at least 3 months of validity).
  • Copy of the personal identity document of the country of residence.
  • Air Reservation ticket with travel itinerary or electronic ticket (it must be a reservation that with 3 or 4 months of advantage.
  • Present 4 Pictures card size.
  • Payment of 50 USD in favor of the Government of Panama.
  • Economic solvency proof (it can not be less than 500 USD). It can be with one of the followings: Bank account statement, credit card statement, retired or pension letter with the payment proof, work certificate with the last month salary.

The lawyer will analyze the case and recommend some other requirements if necessary

Panama Tourist Visa Procedure

The interested party must meet the aforementioned requirements.

Among the requirements we send you the power of attorney, which should be printed in legal paper 8 ½ x 13, signed and apostilled with the Hague Apostille and sent back to our office via Courier.

We will also send you a form which must be completed.

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Tourism is a very important part of Panama’s economy, occupied 5% of GDP.

The Government has promoted migratory plans through this type of visas to be approved and thus ensure the entry of tourists to the country.

Countries like India are part of this project and more tourists from this country are entering annually to Panama.

Panama occupies a privileged position in America being in the middle of North America and South America.

Our country has many beautiful places to visit and the emblematic Panama Canal make this country a wonderful place to meet and enjoy.


Special tourist visits

There are different types of reasons to enter the country:

  • Family visits, if you have received the invitation from a relative, the kinship must be confirmed by the corresponding tests.
  • If the invitation is from a government institution, it must be demonstrated with the copy of the conference document or invitation to which you have to go.
  • Private company invitation, it must be demonstrated with the copy of the documents of the Panamanian Corporation.
  • Business Meeting, if a meeting is going to be carried out by business, it must also be properly demonstrated.
  • Meeting for religious themes, if it is a meeting between churches from other countries, it can also be demonstrated with the corresponding documentation.
  • Artistic presentations or topics that have to do with art, this point is also demonstrated by the corresponding documentation.

Each case is different, it is analyzed and preparing differently.

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