Fraud lawyers in Panama

Victim of Scam or fraud?

If you have been a victim of a scam it is important that you know that you can take legal action to go against him or those who have harmed you.

Article 1969 of the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes the following:

A civil action for the restitution of the thing and compensation for damages caused by the punishable act, against the author or participant and, where appropriate, against the civilly liable party also arises from any crime. Which means that the criminal action not only seeks to punish the crime but also the recovery and compensation of the damages.

To file a criminal complaint for fraud is through a lawyer, it cannot be without the presence of a lawyer.

For those people who have been victims of scam through a Panamanian person or company and the victim is outside the country, we can also help them.

The scam has a statute of limitations, so the date on which the events were committed is of the utmost importance to establish whether it is within the term established by law.

The art. 220 of the Penal Code defines fraud as follows: Whoever, through deception, procures or procures an illicit profit to a third party to the detriment of another will be punished with imprisonment from one to four years.

The penalty increases to a third when it is carried out by abusing professional or personal relationships or when it is carried out through the internet.

Article 221 also indicates other aggravating factors which are:

  1. If the property damage exceeds the amount of 100,000 USD.
  2. If it is committed by proxies, managers or administrators in the exercise of their functions.
  3. If it is committed to the detriment of the Public Administration or a charity establishment.
  4. If someone else’s identity is used.

There are different types of cases and different types of scam, the important thing is that we know how the facts were to make an analysis and prepare a defense.

The psychological profile of a scammer is almost always very similar, they are very clever people who have a great ability to convince people.

The following must be taken into consideration:

An investment with a very high return cannot be good enough to be true.

In many of these cases the scammer promises you investments with high returns.

Remember the following: where there is deception to get something dishonestly there is fraud.

We have obtained positive results in these types of cases and managed to recover a large part of the money in many cases.

Once you have realized that you have been scammed, you must act quickly, the first thing to do is to end the relationship you have with the scammer, since they are usually very insistent and try to convince the victim over and over again. .

If you also consider that you have been scammed in another way and although there is a contract in the business relationship, there were deceptions, we can also analyze the case since each case is different.