Student Visa


Panama has very good schools and universities that offer their students an advanced education and linked to the technological advances of today.

We can mention options prestigious universities and accredited by the Ministry of Education:

  • Universidad Latina de Panama
  • Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA)
  • University of Panama (State)
  • Technological University of Panama (State)
  • Specialized University of the Americas (Semi-State)
  • University of Louisville
  • Florida State University
  • American University

NOTE: This permission allows legalize their immigration status for educational purposes only, where the student must attend a regular school.

To apply for this permit foreign person who wants to study full-time regular public or private schools of all levels, primary, secondary, university, masters, postgraduate and doctoral programs, etc. recognized by the Ministry of Education.

NOTE: Those interested in this permit must enroll daytime. Exceptions which are at night time after certification by the school.


  • It must be added an entire copy of the passport and must be collated by Panamanian Notary.
  • Police Record or certification boards background. In case of countries where no such document is issued, the applicant must provide proof or certification of a diplomatic agent or consul of his country accredited by the Government of Panama, where it is stated that his country does not issue such a certificate with a statement affidavit made before a notary public, in saying that you have no criminal record or criminal. (Only for adults).
  • Medical certificate of good health. It is recommended that it be handled during his visit to Panama.
  • Make payments to the national government allocated as follows: $ 250.00 for the national treasury in royalties by the application of a migration category, and $ 800.0 dollars in favor of the national migration and repatriation deposit. These payments can be made with certified checks.
  • An affidavit of personal background (will send one to your email so you can fill it).

NOTE: All documents must come from abroad either legalized authentication Panama Consul abroad or properly annotated.

Additionally, the applicant must submit:

  • An admission document shall forward to where studies.
  • Proof of registration fee and the original copy.
  • Certification of where shall issue studies, which must contain, the particulars of the applicant, duration of the race, and turn to attending courses to have enrolled.
  • If the race is taught only at night, with documentation must show that only college classes offered at night.

Proof of sufficient funds which will be demonstrated by providing:

  • Certification bank showing that the student has a scholarship.
  • Letter of responsibility authenticated by a notary public, and made by the interested parents where they take responsibility for the cost of studies and proof of kinship.
  • Evidence of funding.
  • Letters bank accounts or credit cards or other.
  • Proof of funding.
  • Bank documents.

In the case of a resident or national responsibility, provide to the applicant documents that prove as a person responsible:

  • Letter of responsibility which ensures the commitment must bear the costs of education and maintenance.
  • Copy of identity card if the person is Panamanian.
  • A copy of the identity document.

In the case of a minor must provide:

  • Birth certificate.
  • You must provide written authorization from the parent responsible for the resident. If the student’s parents are minor in Panama.

NOTE: To order renewal or extension, in addition to the requirements listed above the applicant must submit: her piglets approved last year.


  • First, the applicant must register your passport at the National Immigration Service.
  • Comes complete documentation.
  • Requires Visa Processing Multiple Exit Sign.
  • It will be delivered by the National Immigration Service and provisional license year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The duration of this permit shall be for a term of one year (1) extended to a total of (6) years.


Fees $ 650.00

Government expenditure $ 250.00