Extradition lawyers in Panama

Are governments really following the treaties, conventions and laws?

An issue that has caught my attention in recent years is requests for extradition between countries.

As a lawyer who has had the opportunity to defend clients in cases where they are requested by other countries. There is something that is worrying me a little.

Are governments really following the extradition treaties, conventions and laws between countries?

Each country has its institution in addition to the Ministry of Relations, which is the one who approves whether an extradition request is viable or not.

But to be able to request an extradition between one country and another, the crime must be contemplated in the extradition treaty between both countries.

Many extradition treaties between countries are very old and even dating back more than 80 years, so many of the crimes that currently exist, at that time did not even exist.

One issue that strikes me is the sale of counterfeit medicines that come from countries like India and are sold in different countries.

United Nations conventions such as the one of 1988 have been created primarily to combat trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

There have been cases of citizens of India who have been detained in different countries requested by different governments for extradition, and drug conventions or treaties are used, even in the files the phrase drug trafficking conspiracy is mentioned.

As an expert on narcotics, I explain the following

Drug trafficking means: drug trafficking.

how can someone speak in a drug conspiracy file when there are no drugs in the file. They are mistakes that must be corrected. And how are these extradition requests from the different countries approved? Be careful and we have not mentioned any specific country.

Drug conspiracy is one point, on the other hand when charges are imposed as an importer. When really the citizens who are in India are exporters and the difference between the two is great, for it to be extradition it has to be a crime both in the requesting country and in the country where it was captured, however in most Latin American countries including Panama an exporter is not considered a crime.

The issue of counterfeit drugs

The issue of counterfeit drugs is an issue that different countries have been fighting in recent years in conjunction with interpol.While the issue of counterfeit drugs is true, it is a very serious and delicate issue because it encompasses the health of society.

Counterfeit drugs are made in makeshift laboratories and are not regulated by the FDA or the health ministry of different countries, they do not meet quality standards.

There are several countries that have a high production of counterfeit drugs, most of these countries are located in Asia. Being India and China among the two largest producers of this type of medicine.

While it is true, counterfeit drugs must be vigorously controlled and it must be a matter of the State and the governments of all States exert pressure. Some methods that are currently being used to capture exporters from these Asian countries for my concept will not solve a more serious global problem. Reason grabbing 4 or 5 exporters of this type of fake medicine and subjecting them to an extradition process will not solve this serious problem. Because the companies that are dedicated to this are many, and this pandemic will not be solved with this.

To give an example: 40% of the drugs consumed in the United States come from India, so the drugs that are produced in this country have credibility.

What would happen if this pandemic grows to the point that all the citizens of this country and of the other countries that consume these drugs lose credibility.

It is India who loses since much of its economy is sustained by these drugs.

Extradition requests must contain all the requirements both in substance and form in order to guarantee a fair process.

And the countries that receive the extradition request must pay attention to all the elements both in form and substance and determine if the extradition is feasible. Because an innocent person may be being extradited.

About the detainees in extradition cases in my country

If there is a detainee that I have seen suffering in my country, it is those detained for extradition cases, I even learned about the case of a German who died in prison before the end of his extradition process.

Detainees in extradition cases suffer a lot, they have to face two processes, one in the country where they are and the other in the requesting country.

If you have a family member detained in Panama and requested for extradition, you can contact us, we will gladly study your case and prepare a plan for handling the case.