Birth certificate in Panama – single, marriage and death certificate

Birth certificate in Panama – single – marriage and death certificates

We are a law firm that processes the birth certificate in Panama. If you live in another country, we can also help you obtain single, marriage, and death certificates.

We know how complicated it is to carry out these procedures if the person is outside the country, so this article is especially aimed at all of them.

To be valid outside of Panama, all official government documents must have an apostille. We apostille the document and send it to you by courier.


Once the client has provided us with the requirements and has made the payment, the time it takes is 3-5 business days.

If you want the document apostilled, it will take an additional 4-5 days.

Birth, marriage, singleness, and death certificates are necessary for a large number of legal procedures; we know their importance, which is why we have designated a section in our law firm that, at an affordable price, can provide support to so many people who are found in all parts of the world and that need this type of document.

Requirements for the birth certificate in Panama

  • Personal identity card number

Requirements for the marriage certificate in Panama

  • Personal identity card number
  • Marriage certificate number

requirement for the certificate of singleness

  • Personal identity card number

requirements for the death certificate

  • ID number of the deceased
  • Death certificate number

These four certificates are very important for different legal procedures; we understand that well, which is why we provide a serious and responsible service.

Panama birth certificate

The birth certificate is a fundamental test to verify the real age of a person.

In many countries, it is essential to be able to acquire the following:

  • It is vitally important to have social security.
  • Some companies ask for this document to be able to offer a job.
  • to obtain a fundamental document such as a passport.
  • so that children and adolescents can attend school.

Panama marriage certificate

The marriage certificate can be used in the following cases:

  • Name change
  • When the woman wishes to change her name to that of her partner,

On the subject of insurance

There are insurances that are shared between spouses, and the insurance companies request this certificate to confirm the relationship of the couple.

For the tax issue

In the matter of taxes, the marriage union is also confirmed.

The banks

To obtain a joint loan, banks ask for a marriage certificate to verify the couple’s real union.

Single certificate

When a person wants to get married, this is the best proof they will have to carry out their marriage.

How can I get married in Panama in a civil wedding?

To carry out a civil marriage in Panama, it is necessary to comply with the requirements established in the law, and they apply to both nationals and foreigners.

The competent authorities to perform civil marriages are:

Notaries, municipal civil and family judges, and mixed municipal judges; director of the civil registry

Panamanian citizens must meet the following requirements in order to marry:

  1. When performing medical tests such as HIV, VDRL, URINALIS, HB, and a complete blood count, laboratories generally offer test packages that group all these tests together, known as marriage packages.
  2. Have a valid identity card.
  3. single certificate for the spouses.
  4. two people who serve as witnesses but cannot be relatives.
  5. a copy of the two witnesses’ identification cards
  6. If you marry in a municipal court, the date is determined by the availability of the judge; if you marry with a notary, the dates may be more flexible.

Once the ceremony is over, a marriage certificate will be granted, and it will be registered in the civil registry by the same authorities that perform marriages.

Foreigner Civil Marriage Requirements

  1. Present a valid copy of the passport.
  2. complete medical tests such as HIV, VDRL, URINALIS, and HB, as well as a blood test. Generally, laboratories offer test packages that group all these tests, known as marriage packages, and you can do them during your trip to Panama.
  3. a document from your home country proving your marital status that has been apostille or authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate in another country.
  4. Two witnesses who may be nationals or foreigners
  5. Valid identity documents of the witnesses
  6. Choose a date for the ceremony.

Once the ceremony is over, a marriage certificate will be granted, and it will be registered in the civil registry by the same authorities that perform marriages.


Do not hesitate to contact us; we provide assistance to all those who are outside of Panama and need these documents.