Agrarian Investor Visa


Temporary resident permits for investment reasons are valid for six years and can renew them every two years.


Our Law Firm, could assist in legalizing your status in Panama.

Written permission may request personal or through a company or corporation, have made an investment ($ 60,000.00) dollars in the agricultural industry or agriculture. These activities are regulated by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) and deemed of interest to the country.

Note: If the applicant includes dependents, will be added to the original investment ($ 500.00) for the National Immigration Service, for each dependent or check by a bank letter.


  • You must include a complete copy passport and has to be collated by a Notary.
  • Police Record or certification boards background. In case of countries where no such document is issued, the applicant must provide proof or certification of a diplomatic agent or consul of his country accredited by the Government of Panama, where it is stated that his country does not issue such a certificate with a statement affidavit made before a notary public, in saying that you have no criminal record or criminal.
  • Medical certificate of good health. It is recommended that it be handled during his visit to Panama.
  • Make payments to the national government disaggregated as follows: $ 250.00 for the national treasury in royalties by the application of a migration category, and $ 800.0 dollars for migration and repatriation deposit. These payments can be made with certified checks.
  • An affidavit of personal background (will send one to your email so you can fill it).

NOTE: All documents must come from abroad either legalized authentication Panama Consul or certified abroad.

In the event that the application is filed by a corporation or company:

  • Develop an affidavit of the secretary or treasurer of the company (the same can not be filed by the applicant), the same must prove ownership of the shares granted to the applicant, duly released and paid and must be specified the amount paid capital.
  • Make a copy of the certificate of shares made on behalf of agricultural investor.
  • Submit a copy of the tax return of the company, where it appears that the capital invested. If you have not passed a fiscal period from the founding of the company in its replacement must be provided a copy of the certificate of registration in the taxpayer’s only copy of the receipt and single annual fee.
  • Original certificate of public record of the company.
  • Certification granted qualified public accountant or (CPA) in which they detail the total amount invested directly in agriculture or aquaculture and the capital is contributed by the investor. (Just the meat counter current and shall provide a copy of cedula).
  • Submit certified copy of the Single Registry Agriculture, where noted: unique registration number, type of matters that develop on the property and where it is located and the return.
  • Provide lease farm or a certificate that proves that the property is duly registered in the.
  • Proof of the investment made directly in farming or aquaculture, with a minimum value ($ 60,000.00) which can be proved by documents such as:
    • Provide bank document showing transfer of funds or payment (primary).
    • Provide audited financial statements.
    • Provide commercial invoices.
    • submit documents showing the purchase of equipment.

NOTE: To apply for the renewal or extension of the permit must submit the above requirements and the following document:

  • Proof of good standing of the applicant’s national income.

Procedures or steps to apply for legalization of their status (residence):

  • You must submit all documentation to our office.
  • Record in your passport duly National Migration Service
  • Our firm will provide personal history forms, required by the National Immigration Service.
  • Once the documentation provided the National Immigration Service granted a residence for a period of two years.
  • Requires Multiple Visa Entry and Exit.

Costs and legal fees:

They are priced based on the presentation of the first phase.

Permit or Visa Provisional Monthly for one year and U.S. $ 2,000.00.

Dependents U.S. $ 1,500.00.

Payments to the Government U.S. $ 500.00.

Resident Card Fee $ 50.00.


  • Birth certificate of the child, if the document comes from abroad must be apostilled or authenticated by Panama Consul abroad.
  • Marriage Certificate if spouse, if the document comes from abroad must be apostilled or authenticated by Panama Consul abroad. (Original)
  • Police Record duly apostilled or authenticated by Panama Consul abroad.
  • (6) its size photos passport photo must be submitted by each participant.
  • Certificate of Good Health preferably should be handled in Panama and will cheaper and you should not apostilled

NOTE: It is important to be in Panama when your permit will be approved.