Panama patent register – attorney – search – law – office – pct

Panama patent register – attorney – search – law – office – pct

The Panama Patent Register is done through a Panamanian lawyer. We take care of all the paperwork. We are located in Panama.

Requirements and procedures for the registration of patents in Panama

All applications must be submitted through a lawyer or Panamanian law firm in the DIGERPI Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.

Panama Patent attorneys will provide the client with powers of attorney, which must be notarized ana apostilled once signed,  and the application form for patent registration, which the client must complete.The power of attorney and the application must be submitted to the DIGERPI with properly substantiated taxes and the right of presentation.

The form must contain the following:

  • Applicant information: nationality, address, and identification
  • About the inventor: nationality, address, and identification
  • Name of the lawyer or law firm, and general
  • Title of invention or creation

Documents to be attached:

  • copy of the identity card of the inventor and a copy of his passport.
  • Power, specification, abstract, and main drawing; certificate of public record if a society is registered; pending application claims

Panama Patent Register

Panama is a member of the Paris Convention and follows the same guidelines as all countries that are registered there. Thus, binding is applied to the protection of industrial safety.
In Panama, the registration of patents is quite similar to that of most countries and has a term of 20 years from the date it was filed.

Panama Patent Register – Statistics

From 2008 to 2012, 2314 patents were registered in Panama, topping the list in the following countries: the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Panama, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan.

Plagiarism in a patent

Every inventor who has registered his patent in Panama can sue any person or company that has plagiarized or is using their technology without their consent or authorization in a Panamanian court.

The state and the right conferred by a patent

Every inventor who has registered his patent in Panama has just submitted the application that is required and has the right to exploit his patent or technology for a period of 20 years. This is one of the most important principles, and here it was respected by the state for the inventor.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

aimed at encouraging innovation and creation in order to contribute to countries’ economic development through various international intellectual property mechanisms

Panama Patent Register – PCT in Panama

The PCT International Cooperation Treaty or Patent will enter into force in Panama on September 7, 2012, following a record enrollment in 2011 for the PCTS.

Advantages of filing a PCT patent application

It helps the application handle an international patent because it already has issued requirements. The global patent incentive has contributed to a significant increase in the economic, technological, and scientific development of various countries.

establishing a technology information exchange with different countries, and this greatly favors the developing countries.

The inventor may amend his application when running the preview to correct it before it is processed by different patent offices.

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