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Online casino license in Panama

The government has modern legislation to obtain an online casino license in Panama.

Anyone, no matter if they are Panamanian or foreign, can apply for this license and exploit their business on the internet.


Avoid a problem and get your online casino license. Operating this type of business without a license is punishable by jail in Panama and in any country in the world. Operating this type of activity without a license is a crime against economic assets and is known as a scam.

Through Resolution No. 11 of March 6, 2020, the government of Panama establishes the conditions and restrictions for this activity.


The fact that you are using a cybernetic medium aggravates the case. The penalty is greater than five years if you do not have an online casino license.

Once the license is obtained, we will take care of advising the client on all the instructions to follow in order to keep his license.

The person interested in obtaining the license must create a Panamanian corporation. Contribute a sum of money as key rights, pay an annuity, and follow a series of requirements.


The fact that this activity is regulated in Panama is of great interest to entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to acquire this license in our country.

We understand that there are many countries where this activity is prohibited or simply not regulated.

The «right of keys» is an amount imposed by the government and is the guarantee that the player who enters the website to bet has if the online casino does not pay them the prize. The gaming authority will pay it with the money from the «right of keys.»

Online Casino license in Panama – annual payment

Every year, the online casino must pay to the government the sum of $20,000, and this is the profit that the government obtains for granting this type of license.

The fact that this type of license can be obtained is advantageous for those who wish to engage in this activity because it provides security and avoids a serious legal problem.

We have the experience, and we can support you in all the procedures to obtain this license in Panama.

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