Sanitary Registration in Panama


Foodstuffs, medicines, cosmetics, liquids, that can be sold or out of Panama shall have the authorization.

The procedure to be followed and the requirements to proceed with the registration of health food is:

  • Power drafted by an attorney.
  • Foodstuff Affidavit, duly signed by the president of the company or who has produced it.
  • A certificate of free sale of the product, issued by the authority responsible for health matters of the country, with a term of six months prior to application and must come apostille.
  • A health certificate from the company or plant that manufactured the product, it must have been issued by the authority that protects foodstuffs according
    Label or original seal and has provided the required information.
  • Four samples or models of the product with a weight of at least 200 grams.
  • Must be interpreted in the batch code.
  • If it comes to seafood, dairy that come in special packaging, must have a certificate issued by the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama, and that they manifest the origin of these.

The steps are as follows:

  • First comes the application in the protection section of food products are verified and then give them the proper receipts registry value, then the user cost consigne this.
  • The user must end when the request is approved.
  • After this step, you must submit the Certificate of Public Register.

To renew sanitary registration must be submitted:

  • An Affidavit, which display the registration number of the product.
  • Certificate of Free Sale when it comes to foreign products.
  • Four models of due or product samples.
  • proof of the cancellation of registration costs.