Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of good standing Panama – Corporation – Apostilled

The certificate of good standing in Panama is processed by lawyers. We are a law firm in Panama, so we get it directly without intermediaries.

The certificate of good standing is a document issued by the Public Registry of Panama, in the certificates section. It is used as proof of the current situation that a corporation is in.

This certificate shows the current data, such as:

  • Name of the Corporation
  • The registered record number is
  • The current date it was issued
  • Directors of the company
  • Dignitaries
  • The legal representative
  • The resident agent or lawyer
  • The capital of the company
  • The duration of the company
  • Society’s address
  • If it has or has not registered a power of attorney

The document is required mainly by banks or government institutions.
This article is especially for those Panamanian companies operating abroad. If you want an apostille, we can also send it with an apostille through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We can also translate it into English if desired.

Time: The time it takes to obtain this certificate is very short. It takes just 4-5 days, plus the time it takes to send documents by courier.

If you need to have the document legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it will take 5 more days.

We work with the most recognized courier companies, so we will not have problems with shipping.

We are located in Panama City, so we get the document directly.

Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer

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