Forestry Investor Visa

PERMIT forest investor. (VISA FOREST)

This visa can choose between two options:

  • An investment of $ $ 80,000.00 granted permanent residence
  • An investment of $ $ 60,000.00 granted a temporary residence

As required by law may request this permission abroad to invest a sum of (U.S. $ 60,000.00) dollars in reforestation or forest plantation authorized by the National Environmental Authority for its acronym ANAM, the investment must be in a minimum 10 hectares.


With a minimum investment of $ 60,000 to buy or invest at least (3) hectares in a reforestation project certified by the government. You can apply for a temporary residence of six (6) years. You can apply for personal reasons, or through a corporation or company. It should provide an additional investment of U.S. $ 2,000 for each dependent the applicant to include within the process. This permit will be valid for a period of 6 years and renewable every two years.


  • You must include a complete copy of the passport and must be collated by Panamanian Notary.
  • Police Record criminal records or certification. In case of countries where no such document is issued, the applicant must provide proof or certification of a diplomatic agent or consul of his country accredited by the Government of Panama, where it is stated that his country does not issue such a certificate with a statement affidavit made before a notary public, in saying that you have no criminal record or criminal.
  • Medical certificate of good health. It is recommended that it be handled during his visit to Panama.
  • Make payments to the national government allocated as follows: $ 250.00 for the national treasury in royalties by the application of a migration category, and $ 800.0 dollars in favor of the national migration and repatriation deposit. These payments can be made with certified checks.
  • An affidavit of personal background (will send one to your email so you can fill it).

NOTE: All documents must come from abroad either legalized authentication Panama Consul abroad or properly annotated.

  • For the case of a corporation must meet the following requirements: submit affidavit of the secretary or treasurer of the company (can not be written by himself), which indicate that the shares are registered and in favor of the applicant, paid, the amount released and paid capital.
  • A certified accountant (CPA) at which point the total amount invested directly in agriculture or aquaculture and that capital is the investor. (The counter must attach current license and ID card copy).
  • A validated copy of the stock certificate issued to investors forest.
    Provide a copy of the tax return of the company, which shows the amount invested.
  • If you do not have a fiscal period from the foundation of the company then you must provide a copy of the certificate of registration in the taxpayer’s only copy of the receipt and single annual fee.
  • Provide copy given by the Anam Forest Registry
  • Attach original certification company registration in the Public Registry.
  • Proof of a direct investment in forestry, for a minimum of sixty thousand dollars ($ 60,000.00) which can be proved by documents such as:
    • Certified bank funds transfer or payment (required)
    • Audited financial statements
    • Commercial invoices
    • Documents or proofs of purchase of supplies of equipment.
    • (6) six photos of the size of the photo that appears on your passport.

NOTE: To apply for renewal of this permit, shall provide the above requirements should add the following requirements:

  • Peace and national income unless the applicant.
  • Add invoices or other documents showing disbursements made in the last year for the reforestation project or certification of the company is carrying out the maintenance schedule that the contract remains in force.


  • Register your passport at the National Immigration Service.
  • In conjunction with all documents you must give us, we will submit the application for Visa Forestry.
  • Requires Multiple Visa Entry and Exit.
  • Once submitted the documentation the National Immigration Service will issue a provisional license for two (2) years.

FEES AND CHARGES (For the main applicant)

Repatriation costs U.S. $ 800.00 the same can be refunded once the visa is approved

Payment to the national treasury in the amount of $ 250.00

Legal fees U.S. $ 2,000.00

Additional costs U.S. $ 300.00


Legal fees U.S. $ 1,500.00

Charges U.S. $ 1,000.00