Visa Retired and Pensioned

Pensioners and Retirees Visa or permission

Our Law Firm offers full assistance to take up residence in Panama as a retiree or pensioner in Panama

This permit may request the foreigners who receive a pension or retirement by the foreign government, international organizations or private companies, and to come to Panama to permanent residence and have sufficient income to meet all living expenses and dependents in the country. Retirement or pension should be a monthly $ 1000.00 dollars and it will not be less than this amount and must be granted for life.

As required by law the retirement of the applicant (or pension) should be an annuity (lifetime) of at least $ 1,000 per month. Another option is to purchase real estate (property) in a personal capacity for a sum in excess of One Hundred Thousand Dollars (U.S. $ 100,000.00), which reduces the monthly income (U.S. $ 750) only.


If the request include dependents (children over 18 years), your license will be temporary until they turn 25 years with the condition being studied, however not be entitled to the permanence or pensioner status. Except if you are disabled dependent children can be demonstrated.

You will need to record $ 250.00 on behalf of the National Immigration Service for each dependent.

NOTE: There is no minimum age to qualify for this permit as long as they meet the requirements.


  • Complete copy of passport collated by Panamanian Notary.
  • Police Record or certification boards background. In case of countries where no such document is issued, the applicant must provide proof or certification of a diplomatic agent or consul of his country accredited by the Government of Panama, where it is stated that his country does not issue such a certificate with a statement affidavit made before a notary public, in saying that you have no criminal record or criminal.
  • Medical certificate of good health. It is recommended that it be handled during his visit to Panama.
  • Make payments to the national government allocated as follows: $ 250.00 for the national treasury in royalties by the application of a migration category, and $ 800.0 dollars on behalf of migration and repatriation deposit. These payments can be made with certified checks.
  • An affidavit of personal background (will send one to your email so you can fill it).
  • Provide a letter certifying retirement or pension it must issue the government where the applicant resides or international agency or private company confirming that the (applicant) receives a monthly pension of at least (U.S. $ 1,000) or its equivalent foreign currency and that is for life.
  • Attach photocopies of proof of pension payments (copies of pay checks, the bank statement showing deposits, etc.) Of the institution / company of the applicant. Apostille for Panama consulate in your country.
  • Marriage certificate duly apostilled and birth certificate of the children if properly applied apostilled or authenticated by Consul of Panama.
  • Certificate of the property if necessary (Public Registry of Panama), this requirement is optional for applicants who acquire domicile in Panama
  • Proof of address if necessary.
  • A letter from a foreign company to manage pension, insurance or banking, to check that there are funds to demonstrate the applicant’s pension:
  • A certification that proves that this force exists and the company that provides and manages the pension funds.
  • Copy of the payment receipt or bank statement.

When calling remained above the requirements outlined above mentioned must provide:

  • Peace and national income saved.

NOTE: Documents coming from abroad must be authenticated by a Consul of Panama country.

Procedure for Applying for Residence: IMPORTANT

The client must send in advance all required documentation they must provide, by courier (DHL or FEDEX) before your visit, or may bring it with you during your first visit.

We will send personal form required for migration.


  1. Power of Attorney: signed by the applicant (and dependents if applicable) authorizing us to us as lawyers to process the application and immigration paperwork.
  2. Letter of Responsibility: signed by the applicant, where the applicant is responsible for your dependents (if applicable).
  3. The Immigration Declaration Form must be completed and signed by the applicant (and dependents if applicable)

The procedure for all residents permits are:

  • Register passport at Immigration.
  • Application with all requested documentation in Immigration, with government spending and Repatriation Deposit (if applicable).
  • The immigration office gives the interested one year temporary permit Visa Multiple Entry & Exit.
  • The Immigration Office grants the interested one year temporary permit Visa Multiple Entry & Exit at the time the renewal application is in process.
  • The immigration office in Panama grants to interested Permit (Visa) Permanent Resident annually until it issued the resolution.

NOTE: Resolutions granting permanent residency take approximately 3 months to 4 months.

You must be personally for notification of residence and will take a photo of a new permanent resident card. Additionally, the National Immigration Service will hold your passport for a period of 5 days.


Once you have its retiree or pensioner status may be entitled to discounts on shopping centers etc utilities.

Major Discounts:

  • 25% discount. when buying airline tickets.
  • 50% discount. in closing costs for buying a home
  • 15% discount. for purchase at fast food restaurants.
  • 25% discount. for purchase at restaurants.
  • 15% discount. for their hospital care (is based on your insurance)
  • 20% off. in the purchase of medicines
  • 25% discount. in their electric service to residence
  • 30% discount. for the purchase of a passenger bus or boat.
  • 25% discount. for the purchase of your ticket.
  • 50% discount. in any training: film concerts, and sporting events.


Special package:

U.S. $ 1300.oo plus $ 430.00de expenses.

Dependents: U.S. $ 1,000.00

NOTE: You need multiple entry visa and return.

Cost of card: $ 50 for each applicant.