Refuge in Panama - guarantees and rights

Refuge in Panama – Guarantees and rights

Our country provides the necessary guarantees so that foreigners can obtain refuge in Panama. As a human being, it is a fundamental guarantee.

If a person or their family feels threatened or that their life is in danger, they can opt for refuge in our country.

Panama is a neutral country that does not have war problems; in addition, its government is governed by democracy, so there is order, and it is protected by international laws and treaties.

We give assistance to all those who decide to emigrate from their countries to request refuge in Panama.

At this time, the government of Panama is giving refuge to anyone who is from Russia or Ukraine due to the armed conflicts that both countries maintain.

If you and your family are from one of these two countries, know that you can count on the government of Panama.

We will assist you throughout the process.

If the person comes from some other country that is also at war at the moment, you can let us know; we will evaluate your case and tell you the options you have.

The humanitarian reasons for providing refuge are addressed in the human rights declarations to which our country subscribes.

About the Language

As for the language, we handle Spanish and English, but if the person does not speak either of these two languages, we will find the mechanisms through translators to be able to assist them.


Once the person has entered through the Tocumen International Airport in Panama, they have up to six months to apply for refuge.

If you don’t do it in that time, you will lose the opportunity.

Refuge in Panama – Guarantees and Rights

If the person meets the requirements and it is demonstrated that his life is in danger, he has a number of guarantees and rights; however, if the person chooses to apply for another type of legal status or visa through the National Immigration Service, he or she should be aware that they will automatically lose their refugee status.

On the Decision to Give Shelter

The decision to give refuge rests with the government of Panama; we make an evaluation if the case complies with the option, but as lawyers, we do not promise or guarantee refuge, but a good defense based on our years of experience and knowledge, although it is It is important to know that at this time Panama has given refuge to people from Russia and Ukraine; that is, when there is a case that implies a real situation of danger, the state grants this option.

If the person belongs to another country but has valid evidence that can be provided, then they also qualify for this option.

Refuge in Panama – Country of transit

Due to its geographical location, Panama is a transit country for many people who try to reach the United States, entering through the Darien Jungle. There are thousands of people who enter the jungle daily with their families, experiencing thousands of hardships and risking their lives.

Even though many people lose their lives daily in this jungle—most of the cases are due to drowning or immersion—because they ignore the dangers they face before entering this jungle, it is a humanitarian and delicate issue and a social problem for our governments when people decide to leave their countries in search of a better life.

Whatever your situation, we evaluate all cases and will give the person our opinion on whether their case qualifies or not, since we have 15 years of experience in this matter.

We give you assistance and support throughout the process.

You can write to us, and we will gladly analyze and see your case.


Cases where there is a proven war are given special attention and consideration, so people from these countries have high chances of getting refuge.


It is that person who leaves his country mainly for reasons of war and seeks another country where he will feel safe and protected.


All minors must be duly represented by an adult.

Principles of protection based on the law

  • The protection that the refugee will have will be the following:
  • Non-return: Panama cannot order the return or deportation of the refugee under any circumstances.
  • Non-expulsion: a person who has acquired refugee status cannot be expelled from the country.
  • Irregular entry: Refugees will not be penalized for irregular entry into the country.
  • Family: When it comes to a family, the interest of children is fundamental.
  • Non-discrimination: There will be no discrimination based on race, religion, or nationality. All countries are entitled to this benefit as long as the requirements are met.
  • Confidentiality: Every person who applies for refuge will have confidentiality in all the information they provide.

Note: Right now we are receiving quite a few people from Russia and Ukraine who are requesting refuge from us, so the Panamanian government is having priority in these two countries. If you are from one of these two countries, you can choose a refuge.

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