Panama transit visa

Panama transit visa

We are a law firm that provides assistance to different nationalities on the issue of transit visas in Panama.

Some of these nationalities are the following: Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.

Some consulates ask people to contact a law firm in Panama to help them obtain this visa.

Among the information they give you at the consulates is that this procedure is through a lawyer in Panama because they do not handle these cases, or sometimes they are saturated.

The importance of advice on the issue

The advice and support of a Panamanian lawyer who handles the issue is important because it can make the difference between being able to make a stopover in the country or the immigration authorities at the airport returning you and not letting you make a stopover in Panama.

As lawyers, since we first heard the phrase transit visa, it caught our attention, first because of the large number of calls we received about this issue and second because it was a new visa and was heard for the first time in the present. government.

We investigated this visa

We did a complete investigation on immigration; we went directly to the departments in charge of the subject, so we not only received advice but also gave ourselves the task of understanding in the best way everything related to this visa.

After we carried out the due diligence and handled the issue, we have advised and supported hundreds and hundreds of people of different nationalities who bought an air ticket with a stopover in Panama and are afraid of being sent back.


Due to the many calls, we have designed a special plan for this type of case where we provide advice either through a written legal opinion with all the information and requirements or through a virtual meeting via Zoom or phone call.


It is important to state that people tell us that the consulate does not give them information or immigration, and they feel uninformed and believe that something is not being done well by the authorities.

Some tell us that even at the time of stopping in Panama, they have been detained; they have been denied entry, and the immigration authorities do not give them any type of information as to why they are not allowed to enter.

That is where we come in to explain to people why they were not admitted to the country, the reasons, and what they lacked to be able to enter or what they did not comply with.

There are different reasons why a PERSON cannot enter the country.

We are going to ask you a series of questions to determine which of these it was. Once we have discovered the reason, we will tell you the requirements so that you can enter.

If you have not entered the country and just want to know about the transit visa, we can also assist you.

We are available to support you with this matter so that you can safely make a stopover in Panama without worrying that they will be denied entry to Panama.

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