Impediment to entry into Panama

Impediment to entry into Panama

An impediment to entry into Panama is due to an international alert or a restriction in the system. We are specialist lawyers in these cases.

Many people from anywhere in the world can be notified at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama that they cannot enter the country due to some type of entry restriction. In most cases, foreigners who have gone through this situation do not know that they have a way to lift this restriction measure with the support of a lawyer specializing in this matter in Panama.

An impediment to entry to Panama may be due to a legal problem that the foreigner has had within Panama or even a legal problem that the foreigner has had outside of Panama. In general, there is no impediment to entry due to some type of mistake; in most cases, it is due to some legal problem that the person has had.

There are different reasons why a person may be prevented from entering Panama:

Drug-related crimes
that the person has been deported from the country.
that the person has been convicted and then deported from the country.
due to some legal problems that the person has had in another country.
A large proportion of those barred from entering the country are for drug-related offenses committed both outside and inside Panama.

Each case is different, and there may be different ways in which the foreigner acquired this impediment to entering the country. In most cases, people have been convicted of a crime in another country outside of Panama.

The majority of the restrictions appear to be imposed by the United States.

But there have also been cases of people who have not been convicted but who have this type of restriction. We have seen some of these cases.

It is important for foreigners to know that even in the most difficult cases, they can take legal action within Panama through a lawyer specializing in the subject in order to lift the impediment to entry into the country.

We have the necessary experience and can assist you in removing the impediment to entry into the country.

Cases in which the person has been deported from Panama

There are many cases in which a person has been deported from Panama, among which may be:

Fighting in the street or having committed an act of violence that, although not considered serious, violates the constitution and laws in Panama

Entering the country illegally: This is perhaps one of the most common and perhaps the one that most alarms the Panamanian authorities—the fact of entering without a passport or without having the passports stamped. Entering the country without the necessary stamps in your passport is considered illegal, and the authorities are concerned.

This condition alerts authorities because it may indicate the presence of a fugitive from justice.

having committed some type of public offense through video or social networks against Panamanians, and that has been raised with the directors of the National Immigration Service in Panama.

A person can be deported when they have been detained and maintain some type of international alert in the country.

Cases in which the person has been convicted and deported from the country

When a person has committed a crime in Panama, they are captured, tried, and sentenced by the Panamanian government. Once the person has served their sentence in the country, the first thing the Panamanian government does once the person is released from prison is to deport them to their country of origin.

He is usually barred from entry for several years.

It is important that the person who has an entry impediment in Panama knows that whatever the situation, we can analyze it, and once we have analyzed your case, if we see that you are suitable to lift the entry impediment, we will tell you so that we can then do it.

We will advise the affected person with all our knowledge and experience.

Each case is different, and there are some cases that are more complex, and there are even some cases where the measure imposed by the Panamanian government is more drastic.

Impediment to entry into Panama – International Deals

Some impediments to entering the country are due to international treaties that Panama maintains with the United States.

International treaties rank second in the hierarchical order of laws. They go above all legends and national decrees. The Constitution is only above international treaties.

In conclusion

Impediments in General

There are different types of entry impediments to Panama. some with slightly harsher penalties than others, it is critical that the person who maintains an entry impediment be informed. Advice can make the difference between re-entering the country or never being able to do so again. All cases, however simple they may seem, need advice.

This is a serious topic.
We have lawyers who are specialized in the subject and who have more than fourteen years of experience lifting this type of international restriction.
We offer two types of consultations: face-to-face and virtual for those who are outside the country.

Impediment to entry into Panama

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